“Significant turnaround could happen in churches everywhere if each congregation worked through this book, chapter by chapter.”

– Sue Nilson Kibbey,

Director of the Missional Church Consultation Initiative, West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
“The energy of the Holy Spirit jumps off every page and right into your heart and mind in a way that could make all thing new.”

– Patricia Farris,

Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Santa Monica, CA
“If we take this book seriously we will see people unleashed for ministry in the world. In the process we may just rediscover why our churches exist in the first place.”

– Clayton Oliphint,

Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Richardson, TX

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I’ve seen people give up on the church, not because they abandon their faith or disagree with our mission, but because they feel stifled, restrained, shut down, and closed out by archaic and impenetrable systems and by defensive and controlling leaders who are averse to change. My prayer for Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry is that people whose passion has been simmering for years, who yearn to be told Yes will be given new hope through practical ways church leaders can rethink fundamental assumptions about organizations and leadership.  

Just Say Yes!
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Just Say Yes! Promo (Video 1)

Bishop Robert Schnase shares how Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry can offer hope for those people whose passion has been simmering for years.  Download Video

Unlocking the Power of Yes: Becoming More Permission Giving (Video 3)

Rev. Jennifer Weekes-Klein, senior pastor of Country Club United Methodist Church in Kansas City, shares the necessary personal, spiritual work that needs to be done in order to unlock the power of “yes” in your life. Download Video

Unleashing Systems: Creating A Culture Shift (Video 5)

Rev. Jim Downing, senior pastor of First United Methodist Church of Sedalia, shares how leaders can work to create a cultural shift from a “no” culture to a permission-giving culture. Download Video

Failure-Tolerant Leadership

Rev. Tina Harris, pastor of Grand Avenue Temple in Kansas City, reminds leaders how, sometimes, failures can be the best example of following Jesus. Download Video

Permission-Giving Leadership: When ‘No’ Is The Right Answer (Video 6)

Rev. Matt Miofsky, senior pastor of The Gathering in St. Louis, stresses that ideas that do not align with mission, priorities and the spirit of the church are legitimate reasons to say “no”. Download Video

Legacy: Clayton UMC and The Gathering

Unlike many “legacy church” stories, Clayton UMC was not in imminent danger of closing. Yet, they wanted their legacy to be one of life, not death.  Their decision to close years before circumstances demanded they do so allowed them to gift The Gathering approximately $250,000, a building and a desire to see something new take root.  Download Video

A New Way of Being: Sturgeon UMC (Video 2)

The story of Sturgeon United Methodist Church was all too common: too small, too old, too tired. Under the unifying direction of Pastor Mike Will, they joined forces, along with the four other local churches and forged a new way of being church to their broader community. Download Video

Hope in the Baking: Bridge Bread (Video 4)

Lafayette Park UMC is an urban local church in one of the oldest parts of St. Louis. Through prayer and discernment, a small group of disciples began exploring the ministry and business of social enterprise and Bridge Bread was born. Download Video

Kuomba Pamoja (Worship Together): Central UMC

Central UMC, a largely Anglo, affluent congregation has approximately 50-60 African worshippers thanks to the invitational nature of Mama Riziki. Slowly, through the hard work of building relationship, Central UMC isbeginning to kuomba pamoja or “worship together”.  Download Video

Warm Start: Beginning to Know Jesus

The people of Asbury United Methodist Church in the historic Greater Ville neighborhood of north St. Louis are serving the children of their neighborhood one juice box at a time. Download Video

Permission-Giving Basics

Rev. Jeff Brinkman, senior pastor of Woods Chapel in Lee’s Summit, MO breaks down the basics for becoming a permission-giving spiritual leader and faith community. Download Video