4. Learning Pastors, Learning Congregations

I asked a well-known church consultant about evaluations for pastors, superintendents, and bishops. What are the basic elements?  His answer intrigued me.  He said that the most useful evaluations, no matter how many questions or what style of questions they use, come down to three things: ìWhat have you been working on? What have you learned? What are you going […]

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36. The Fruit of Someone’s Ministry

The College of Bishops met in Dallas the last couple days, and one evening after dark I found myself walking by the Perkins School of Theology Chapel. I felt pulled inside, and soon found myself sitting alone on one of the pews facing the chancel, focused on the cross so beautifully lit in a manor […]

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68. Focus on the Five

This week I’ve finished reviewing the final proofs of all the new resources supporting the Five Practices that will be available through Cokesbury on August 1.  This has been prepared in response to the overwhelming requests that Cokesbury (and I) have received for more helpful resources to assist congregations in learning and practicing Radical Hospitality, […]

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