8. Share Your Stories!

Iíve been covering a lot of ground recently talking about strengthening congregations and the Five Practices.  During the last four weeks, Iíve addressed over 250 clergy in workshops, district pastors meetings, and small group discussions.  In addition, Iíve preached or taught in congregations, associations of local pastors, order of elders retreats, and spoken at workshops […]

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40. The Road from Inspiration to Fruition

While driving this past weekend to a Bishopís Confirmation Days event in St. Louis, I made a brief stop at a roadside rest area. As I walked around in the crisp morning air, I paused to read an historical marker commemorating the Interstate Highway system. It told a story Iíd never heard before. In 1919, a […]

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72. Strong Youth Ministries and the Call to Ministry

The other day I was driving down the Interstate toward the St. Louis airport, when I pulled into a roadside rest stop.  Just as I stepped from my car, a long bus pulled up that had a sign that ran nearly the entire length with the name of a United Methodist church from North Carolina.  A […]

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