28. Signs of Fruitfulness Project

Every time I go to the doctor, the visit begins with a familiar ritual. It doesn’t matter if I’m there for a flu shot, a sore throat, a general check up, an unexplained pain, a twisted ankle, or a serious illness. The visit begins with cuffing my arm, taking my temperature, counting my pulse, and having me […]

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60. The Spotted Owls

General Conference Notebook, April 28 A mix of young adult clergy, seminary students, and older co-conspirators banded together before General Conference to gather the signatures of several hundred United Methodists to petition for a shorter, less complex, more stream-lined, and more effective candidacy/commissioning/probationary/ordination process for entry into United Methodist ministry.  They contend (and rightly so, […]

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92. Don’t Let Worry Win

When serving as a pastor, I learned that I usually make my biggest mistakes when I’m tired.  When I don’t attend to patterns of rest, sleep, exercise, and time away, and just keep grinding away at work day after day, I become more likely to say things I wish I could take back, make decisions […]

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