22. Young Adult Clergy: Our “Endangered Species”

Another of Lovett Weemsí ìProvocative Questionsî (see previous post, or access Lovettís website) is ìShall we declare young United Methodist clergy as an endangered species?î Once more there was chuckling among the Bishops at the Council meeting. But I wasnít laughing; instead I was shouting out ìYes!î Dr. Weems reminded us that a few decades ago, […]

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54. Rubik’s Cube

Last summer my older son bought a Rubik’s cube.  He’d heard me talk about them before and he decided to try one for himself.  He opened the package and handed me the instructions to hold onto, and then began to work on the puzzle.  In just a few minutes, the cube was all mixed up […]

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86. From Whom Are You Learning?

During the first Extended Cabinet Meeting of the fall (a day with all the District Superintendents and Directors of the conference), we reviewed some of the learning opportunities for the months to come for our pastors and our churches of the Missouri Conference. By the time the Directors and District Superintendents had all mentioned some […]

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