30. That’s My Seat!

A few weeks ago I arrived early for a worship service and took my seat in the near-empty sanctuary to reflect, pray, and prepare for the service. No one sat within five or six pews of me as I quietly listened to the musicians rehearse, but I do not feel alone or unwelcome. Then an older woman […]

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62. A Daughter of United Methodism

General Conference Notebook, April 30 The highlight of our work together on Tuesday was a visit from United Methodist laywoman and President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Security was tight, the building was secured by local police, and the President’s entourage arrived as Liberian Bishop John Ennis introduced President Sirleaf. Delegates and guests stood in applause […]

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94. Mystery Visitors

 A few of our churches in Missouri are taking an interesting step in their search for excellence in hospitality.  They’ve contracted to receive in-depth evaluations through an extensive program of engagement with mystery visitors, using methods similar to retail’s “Secret Shoppers.”   This is how it I understand it to work:  During the period of a […]

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