18. And Are We Yet on Life Support?

Another ìProvocative Questionî Dr. Lovett Weems put before the Council of Bishops (see previous post, or access Lovettís website), is ìCan medical science continue to keep U.S. United Methodism alive?î At first, I chuckled with everyone else at Lovettís humorous way of describing the aging of the United Methodist Church. Then I began to reflect on something: In […]

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50. Learning from Young Pastors

Lovett Weems of the Lewis Leadership Center has helped draw attention to the critical shortage of younger adult pastors throughout our connection. When I first entered ministry, more than 15% of clergy were under the age of 35. Now the number of commissioned or ordained clergy under thirty-five in our conferences ranges from 2% to […]

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82. Got Fruit?

I smile whenever I hear about the many creative ways congregations make the Five Practices their own.  An original and locally developed idea has personal ownership, reveals imaginative engagement, and uses the gifts and insights of volunteers. For instance, a long-time friend told me about how his congregation is planning a church-wide immersion experience using […]

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