20. The Only Sunday that Counts

A few months ago I heard about a woman who was going through a rough time in her personal and professional life, and in her search for connections, hope, and  direction, she began to visit a few churches. After her first two worship experiences for which she came alone, sat alone, and left alone without anyone […]

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52. A Simple Invitation

Last evening I stopped by a small business and was assisted by a young man who had to take some information from me – name, address, employment, etc.  When I said I worked for the United Methodist Church, he smiled and said, “Really?  I’m United Methodist, too.  I grew up in the Methodist church inÖ..” […]

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84. O My Lord, Please Send Someone Else

I’ve been working on a writing project during the past few weeks that has caused me to dig deeply into some scriptural passages about the call to God’s service.  It never ceases to amaze me how God continues to show us new things through old and familiar texts. I was rereading the account of God […]

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