10. Fruitfulness More Than Numbers

Andy Bryan wrote a good-humored blog entry about the use of the Five Practices in his congregation and among his colleagues.  He coined the verb ìto Schnaseî to describe those times when he or someone else would use a quote from Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations.  He talked about ìSchnaseingî people and being ìSchnasiedî as […]

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155. If One Member Suffers…

Update: For more information on how you can help the relief efforts in Haiti, visit umc.org/haiti and www.umcorhaiti.org. On Tuesday evening, I was giving a presentation to a gathering of clergy from the Missouri Conference when a pastor reported a major earthquake in Haiti and asked for our prayers. The news of an earthquake when […]

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28. Signs of Fruitfulness Project

Every time I go to the doctor, the visit begins with a familiar ritual. It doesn’t matter if I’m there for a flu shot, a sore throat, a general check up, an unexplained pain, a twisted ankle, or a serious illness. The visit begins with cuffing my arm, taking my temperature, counting my pulse, and having me […]

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