12. Holy Week in November?

Our church staff was always looking for new ways of deepening the spiritual life of the congregation and reaching more people during the Lenten – Holy Week – Easter season. We developed Lenten Sermon Series on a unified theme or progression of topics; we offered Lenten Study series using books that ìlentî themselves to five […]

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157. Training Inwardly

I’ve never considered myself much of an athlete, but I try to keep fit. I’ve been a long-time runner, walker, and marathoner, and still log more than 1000 miles each year. Two years ago I turned 50, and during a thorough physical examination the doctor suggested that while I have “Army legs” and do well […]

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31. Looking Through the Binoculars, or At the Binoculars?

Iím an avid birder, and I always enjoy sharing my hobby with others (in fact, you can see my bird photos at www.pbase.com/mobish). When my sons were young, weíd go exploring by canoe and kayak, looking for birds. I remember teaching them how to use binoculars, and how to go through the careful steps of adjusting […]

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