133. Logjams

I regularly run along a bike trail that has a number of small bridges stretched across creeks and small streams. These former railway structures were built with thick steel girders that rise high above the creek beds. I often pause in the middle of a bridge to look down for fish, snakes, or turtles, and […]

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165. Transforming Existing Congregations

Early last year I was asked to write a chapter for a book, The Future of the United Methodist Church—Seven Vision Pathways, to emphasize the importance of Transforming Existing Congregations. I shared some brief stories about congregations in Missouri and about some of our strategies and approaches in the Missouri Conference. The book has now […]

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39. Ordinary Churches, Extraordinary Responses

Most of you have read about the tragic events that took place in the St. Louis community of Kirkwood, Missouri. A gunman shot two police officers, several city council members and city staff, and the mayor. Before the bloodshed ended, six persons were dead, and several others seriously wounded. While reading about the continuing story on-line, I […]

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