60. The Spotted Owls

General Conference Notebook, April 28 A mix of young adult clergy, seminary students, and older co-conspirators banded together before General Conference to gather the signatures of several hundred United Methodists to petition for a shorter, less complex, more stream-lined, and more effective candidacy/commissioning/probationary/ordination process for entry into United Methodist ministry.  They contend (and rightly so, […]

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92. Don’t Let Worry Win

When serving as a pastor, I learned that I usually make my biggest mistakes when I’m tired.  When I don’t attend to patterns of rest, sleep, exercise, and time away, and just keep grinding away at work day after day, I become more likely to say things I wish I could take back, make decisions […]

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124. As the Way Opens

One of our District Superintendents led a devotional with the Cabinet by recalling a period in his life when he enjoyed a significant engagement with Quakers, the Society of Friends. He shared questions that Friends reflect upon as part of their covenant with each other and with God. The questions, rich with perception, depth, and direction, addressed […]

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