4. Learning Pastors, Learning Congregations

I asked a well-known church consultant about evaluations for pastors, superintendents, and bishops. What are the basic elements?  His answer intrigued me.  He said that the most useful evaluations, no matter how many questions or what style of questions they use, come down to three things: ìWhat have you been working on? What have you learned? What are you going […]

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151. Only if…

At our Annual Conference session in June, Rev. Emanuel Cleaver II (Assistant to the Bishop for African-American Leadership Development) provoked us to think in fresh ways about our human tendency to grumble and avoid work rather than to take responsibility and fulfill tasks. He showed us the thick rubber band he wears on his wrist. […]

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24. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

There was a practice I first developed while serving as a pastor that I continue now as a Bishop. Before each sermon, I offer a brief word of welcome to everyone. When I served as a senior pastor at a large congregation, I often did not have a speaking role in the worship service until I […]

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