148. Thanks and Praise

Two words we sometimes use interchangeably are thanks and praise. And yet there are shades of difference between them. We express thanks when we receive something from someone—a gift, a gesture, an expression of help or support. We are beneficiaries and recipients, and thanks is an outward expression of an inward sense of gratitude, indebtedness, […]

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21. “Funf Praktiken…”

As you read this, I have just returned from Germany for a few brief days to lead a meeting of the Extended Cabinets of Germany, Eurasia, Central and Southern Europe, and Nordic and Baltic Episcopal Areas of the United Methodist Church in discussions about the Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations (or should I say, Funf Praktiken […]

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54. Rubik’s Cube

Last summer my older son bought a Rubik’s cube.  He’d heard me talk about them before and he decided to try one for himself.  He opened the package and handed me the instructions to hold onto, and then began to work on the puzzle.  In just a few minutes, the cube was all mixed up […]

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