3. Lumpers and Splitters, or Why Five?

Think about all the books that have numbers in their titles—seven habits, five steps, twelve keys, three secrets.  Ever wonder how the authors arrive at such a number?  Life usually isnít as clear cut and nearly packaged as that, and most organizations and processes are extraordinarily complex.   And yet there is a power in focusing […]

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150. The Progress Bar

Every time I download a photo, upload a file, or scan my computer for viruses, I find myself mesmerized by the progress bar. The progress bar is the horizontal meter graph that moves from 0% to 100% as the computer processes a task to completion. With a small file on a fast computer, the progress […]

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23. Make it Personal at Christmas

Every December, the average attendance rises in our churches. Thereís something about the season, the special music, and the cultural vestiges of the meaning of Christís birth that causes more people to attend than in November or October. And Christmas Eve usually brings a crowd, (even in a small church where a crowd may mean 35 […]

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