48. After Easter

As Iím writing this, Iím preparing for the end of Holy Week and for Easter Sunday.  For more than twenty-five years as I served as pastor, this was one of the busiest, most intense, most rewarding, most emotional, most exhausting, most spiritually challenging, moving, and exhilarating weeks of the year.  Now in my current role, […]

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80. The Fall Stewardship Emphasis and the Five Practices?

Another common question I receive is about using the Focus on the Five Practices: A Congregation-Wide Initiative materials during the lead-up and preparation for the congregation’s fall stewardship emphasis or consecration pledge Sunday. First, numerous churches have already done this by using the original book on the Five Practices and integrating the material into their Consecration […]

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112. Somewhere Out There

Somewhere out there is a five-year-old boy who doesn’t know that right now plans are being made by a passionate group of Christian leaders from a church he’s never heard of to offer a neighborhood Vacation Bible School that will change the direction of his life. The songs he will sing will stick in his […]

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