86. From Whom Are You Learning?

During the first Extended Cabinet Meeting of the fall (a day with all the District Superintendents and Directors of the conference), we reviewed some of the learning opportunities for the months to come for our pastors and our churches of the Missouri Conference. By the time the Directors and District Superintendents had all mentioned some […]

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142. Recharge

I’ve learned to identify the power-hungry among us. I don’t mean the ambitious political self-seekers or self-serving control freaks. I’m talking about those people who meander through coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and airport waiting areas looking under tables and behind chairs and along walls. They carry thin briefcases, and have an anxious searching quality […]

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174. Sweepers

Remember the sport of curling from the Winter Olympics? Curling is the game from northern climates in which players slide polished granite stones with handles across a sheet of ice toward a target area.  As the stone slowly moves across the surface, teammates furiously sweep the ice with brooms in order to influence the speed […]

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