6. What Are You Reading These Days?

A question that several of my friends and colleagues frequently ask each other is, ìWhat are you reading these days?î  I always enjoy hearing about what books people I respect are reading, and many times their recent favorites become my ìread sometime soonî list. As part of the FivePractices.org website, weíve decided to ask a […]

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38. Taking Up, Giving Up, or Fasting for Lent?

As a teenager, I recall the pastor at our church distinguishing our United Methodist practices from the Catholic majority in the community by encouraging us to ìtake upî something for Lent instead of ìgiving upî something for Lent.  Then he would invite us to put an additional devotional reading or time of prayer into each […]

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70. Passion for Ministry

At our annual conference this year, six pastors took turns describing their context for ministry, the challenges they face, and one or two innovative responses in their efforts to renew and strengthen their ministries. The creative responses ranged from starting a hip-hop service, developing a permission-giving leadership system, relocating a congregation, forming communities of young […]

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