19. Changing Our Attitudes about Christmas and Easter People

Every pastor and active lay leader knows about the ìC & Eî people. These are the inactive members, nominally engaged constituents, sometimes-but-infrequent visitors who suddenly fill our pews to overflowing on Christmas Eve and Easter morning. They are the people brought by their spouses, cajoled by their Moms, threatened by their Dads, or intimidated by their […]

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164. Conferring Together

John Wesley’s Journal describes the first Conference of Methodists this way: “In June, 1744, I desired my brother and a few other clergymen to meet me in London, to consider how we should proceed to save our own souls and those that heard us. After some time, I invited lay preachers that were in the […]

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38. Taking Up, Giving Up, or Fasting for Lent?

As a teenager, I recall the pastor at our church distinguishing our United Methodist practices from the Catholic majority in the community by encouraging us to ìtake upî something for Lent instead of ìgiving upî something for Lent.  Then he would invite us to put an additional devotional reading or time of prayer into each […]

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