9. Reflections on All Saints Day

Kathy Leithner serves as a United Methodist pastor in Oklahoma.  Years ago, we attended preaching classes together at Perkins School of Theology, and our paths have crossed here and there, now and then, since that time.  Sheís an excellent writer, and with the connections made possible by the internet, I enjoy her meditations, and would […]

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139. Called Accidentally

I’ve come to love all the bells and whistles on my iPhone. I download tons of weekly podcasts which I listen to as I drive and walk. I receive up-to-date news and weather reports. And I have an entire field guide of birds downloaded onto my phone that comes complete with photos, descriptions, and recordings […]

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171. Changing Lives or Changing Affiliations?

Recently I heard Gil Rendle say, “I was not trained to change people’s lives, but to change their membership affiliations.” With these words, Gil, who serves as a church leadership consultant with Texas Methodist Foundation, captures how our understanding of the purpose of the church and the task of pastoral ministry has evolved over the […]

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