73. Whatchaí Reading This Summer?

One of my friends and colleagues asked me the other day about what I was reading these days. My reading lapsed pretty badly during the April to June season of conferences, but I’m getting back into the groove this summer.   Here are a few things I’ve been dabbling in: For my morning devotions, I’ve been reading through […]

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113. The Eyes Say It All

I heard my friend and colleague, Sally Dyck, preach an excellent sermon on Radical Hospitality which she began with the line, “It’s in the eyes. The eyes say it all.”  She went on to tell about the way we look at people, and the messages we send by how we look at them.  Bishop Dyck’s […]

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191. Extravagant Generosity—A Matter of the Heart

Giving helps us become what God wants us to be. God uses our generosity to reconfigure our interior lives, to create us anew, and to foster in us “the mind that was in Christ Jesus.”

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