7. Gone Googling

A few weeks ago, someone suggested to me that I check out ìFive Practices of Fruitful Congregationsî on Google. So I put in the title and was pleasantly surprised by the many accounts of churches using the book as the basis for sermon series, book studies and leadership retreats. With my curiosity aroused, I began to […]

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138. Whatís in a Word?

Since high school I’ve had an active curiosity about words, idioms, writing, and language, and how our perception of reality is limited or enlarged by the words available to us. Recently I heard a linguistic philosopher speak on these topics, offering several interesting stories. For instance, she tells about some Aboriginal languages that do not […]

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170. Fishing

I’m writing this during a two-week study leave along the South Texas coast. This is where I’ve come the last few years for brief periods to work on my books. Each day I spend several hours writing, interspersed with periods of walking, running, reading, swimming, and sleeping. Occasionally I take a day off for fishing. […]

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