101. Christmas Gifts and Christmas Offerings

As the ushers moved forward with their plates in hand during a crowded Christmas Eve service, the pastor said, “We’ll now receive the offering, which will support the apportionments our church owes.”  There was no further explanation, no description of ministries, no connection to the purpose of the church. The plates passed from hand to […]

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145. I Didn’t Recognize It at the Time

As a birder, I keep “a life list,” a chronological listing of all the species I’ve seen and identified since I first began birding with intentionality. Since starting the list in 2004, I have seen 457 different species of North American birds. The first 100 birds I added to the list came pretty quickly. In […]

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177. Redesigned

I’m happy to announce the launch of our new website! FivePractices.org has been redesigned with several new feature that bring to life the Five Practices, uniting the personal with the congregational themes.

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