14. Expressing Appreciation Again and Again

I recall a book called ìHardwiring Excellenceî by the administrator of a hospital.  The book chronicled the change of culture in a medical facility as it began to serve the patients, their families, the community, the poor, and their own staff more effectively by building systemic practices that would sustain continued excellence.  For instance, the […]

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46. The Soul’s Sincere Desire…

Iíve enjoyed the privilege of preaching nine times over the last three weeks in wonderfully diverse congregational settings – churches large and small, suburban, urban, and rural.  Each of these congregations offers worship that is alive, engaging, challenging and passionate. The services spanned the continuum of styles and expressions. For instance, one service led with an extraordinarily […]

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78. Congregation-Wide Initiative NOW AVAILABLE!

Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations was published in May, 2007. Before the end of summer, the book had already gone through three printings. During the fall of 2007, hundreds of congregations heard sermon series, led book studies, taught classes, or held leadership retreats on the Five Practices. The Five Practices language began to form the […]

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