6. What Are You Reading These Days?

A question that several of my friends and colleagues frequently ask each other is, ìWhat are you reading these days?î  I always enjoy hearing about what books people I respect are reading, and many times their recent favorites become my ìread sometime soonî list. As part of the FivePractices.org website, weíve decided to ask a […]

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153. Renewing Prayer

With the start of the New Year, I reestablished various personal, spiritual, family, and professional priorities and recorded them in my journal. Some are tangible measurable goals (survive paying college costs for my sons!), some refer to daily patterns (write and exercise about an hour a day whenever possible), and some represent more general aspirations […]

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26. Pray for Peace

The other day as I was driving down a city street, I noticed a car that had a bumper sticker that read simply, ìPray for Peace.î  When we approached a stop light, I pulled up beside the car and saw that the driver wore the sandy brown camouflage uniform of the U.S. Army.  I suppose […]

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