105. Wesley’s Covenant Prayer, Part II

A continuation of my last blog post, reflecting on John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer, piece by piece: “I am no longer my own, but thine.” Stop right there at the first line. Imagine what this really means, and how our lives would be different if we lived accordingly. This means that we’re not the center of […]

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147. The Wall

This month, the world celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. On Nov 9, 1989, the gates were opened and crowds of people from East and West Germany intermingled freely for the first time in decades. They began to pick apart the wall, stone by stone, to the utter astonishment of […]

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20. The Only Sunday that Counts

A few months ago I heard about a woman who was going through a rough time in her personal and professional life, and in her search for connections, hope, and  direction, she began to visit a few churches. After her first two worship experiences for which she came alone, sat alone, and left alone without anyone […]

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