136. Impulses to Wordless Prayer

I’m usually more of a night owl than an early riser. This summer, however, I’ve found myself awakening early on many mornings. I step onto the back deck to fill the birdfeeders while soft streams of light emerge against the shadows. I enjoy the fresh smells, the glancing sheen of nascent sunlight on the dew-laced […]

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168. It Takes What It Takes

I recently listened to a podcast interview with a Catholic priest whose ministry focuses on young people involved in urban gangs. Many of the tools he uses derive from the recovery movement, including wisdom gleaned from Alcoholics Anonymous. He used a maxim that I’ve heard before to describe what it takes to cause someone to […]

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42. Roast Duck and Getting Things Done

As I was enjoying dinner with some lay members of the conference the other day, one of them asked about some of my hopes and plans for the future of Missouri United Methodism. I outlined what I have repeated so many times before, including a special emphasis on new church starts, creating a culture of […]

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