87. Why it Works, and Why it Fails

I recently heard about a church consultant who helps congregations develop long-range plans, strategic new initiatives, and even helps them evaluate whether they should build additional facilities, remodel, or relocate.  At the opening of the conversation and planning meeting with the congregational leadership, and before anyone has a clue about what proposal will finally arise […]

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143. Pruning

Recently while teaching in a congregation, I recounted many of the scriptures about fruitfulness. Vines, branches, seedtime, harvest, soils, vineyards, trees, fruits—the Bible is replete with stories that lift high the notion that God expects us to use what we have received to make a positive difference in the world around us. Fruitfulness points us […]

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175. Awe

As I was walking along the Katy Trail near my home, I looked up to notice a Bald Eagle perched near the top of a tree that overhangs the path. Majestic, regal, awesome...words can’t capture the impression of seeing an eagle in the wild less than 60 feet away.

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