2. Why Practices?

Ever watch young little league baseball players practice? What do they do? They throw the ball into the grass so that their teammates can practice scooping up “grounders.” They throw the ball around the bases in various permutations, from third to second to first to short stop to pitcher. They practice running the bases, and sliding […]

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149. Sabbath Business

I served as pastor of a congregation that included a significant number of civic leaders. In fact, the membership included several former mayors, a city councilman, school board members from three different districts, and various highly visible city workers. These people were frequently in the news, and they constantly dealt with controversial issues related to […]

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22. Young Adult Clergy: Our “Endangered Species”

Another of Lovett Weemsí ìProvocative Questionsî (see previous post, or access Lovettís website) is ìShall we declare young United Methodist clergy as an endangered species?î Once more there was chuckling among the Bishops at the Council meeting. But I wasnít laughing; instead I was shouting out ìYes!î Dr. Weems reminded us that a few decades ago, […]

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