13. What’s in it for Me?

I remember a study that indicated that 93% of the members of a mainline denomination considered that the purpose of their congregation was to serve their own needs. Before we judge those results too harshly, letís reasonably consider what that means. It means ìI want the church to serve my spiritual needs, to visit and sustain me […]

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158. Sunday Mornings

I recently offered condolences to a friend following her father’s death. Her father had served as a pastor for many years. With gratitude to God she said, “My father loved Sunday mornings. He was born on a Sunday and he died on a Sunday, and that just seems appropriate. He loved getting up on Sundays […]

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32. Why are the Five Practices Working?

This past week I spent eleven hours one day with a film crew and an editor from the United Methodist Publishing House taping seven segments of about 7 minutes each on the Five Practices.  These will form part of a packet of resources to assist local churches in moving the language of the practices beyond […]

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