14. Expressing Appreciation Again and Again

I recall a book called ìHardwiring Excellenceî by the administrator of a hospital.  The book chronicled the change of culture in a medical facility as it began to serve the patients, their families, the community, the poor, and their own staff more effectively by building systemic practices that would sustain continued excellence.  For instance, the […]

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159. Paying Caesar and Giving to God

"Enter the figure from line 23 on line 28, unless it is larger than line 22, and then divide by whichever is the smallest number from lines 17a or 17b, and place the resulting figure on line 32." After two evenings of reading instructions similar to those, I’m proud to announce that I’ve completed the […]

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33. Five Practices as a Lenten Book Study

Several pastors and laypersons have recently told me about their plans to focus on the Five Practices as a Lenten series or study. Some have asked if there are any special resources for this. In short, Iím not aware of anything focused on the Five Practices that is particularly written or designed with the Lenten season in […]

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