12. Holy Week in November?

Our church staff was always looking for new ways of deepening the spiritual life of the congregation and reaching more people during the Lenten – Holy Week – Easter season. We developed Lenten Sermon Series on a unified theme or progression of topics; we offered Lenten Study series using books that ìlentî themselves to five […]

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44. On Redeeming Time

Remember that movie with Tom Hanks where he gets snagged with immigration issues, and ends up living in an airport terminal for months?  Well, thatís what I felt like this past week.   I intended a quick in-and-out trip to Newark to visit with clergy and laity about the Five Practices.  Instead, I ended up stuck […]

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76. The Bear

I’m writing this while spending a few days with the family camping and hiking in Big Bend National Park, Texas.  After driving over 600 miles to the Jurisdictional Conference in Dallas, we decided to simply keep driving for another 600 miles until we were deep in the West Texas desert. While hiking on the Windows […]

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