Remember the Future: Praying for the Church and Change

By Bishop Robert Schnase

Coming mid-May

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Bishop Schnase’s 30-day Remember the Future series inspired you as we counted down to General Conference. Now as Annual Conference season draws close, share the insights in a paperback volume perfect for reading together as leadership teams, boards and covenant groups to understand more clearly the “why” of congregational ministry and the internal resistances and external challenges to the mission of the church.


Explore together how congregations can change to become more fruitful for the purposes of Christ. Remember the Future:  Praying for the Church and Change prepares leaders of congregations and conferences for courageous new conversations with readings that draw us toward renewed vision, cultivate hope and keep us attentive to the mission of Christ.




“Bishop Schnase helps us to embrace change with faith, vision, hope and grace. I intend to make wide use of this book in my ministry with congregational leaders.”

— Gregory V. Palmer, Resident Bishop, Illinois Episcopal Area


“The biggest issue facing local churches, annual conferences and the national church is whether we love Jesus enough to change. We must remember the changes our ancestors made and make similar changes to remain faithful in the future. Robert Schnase has given us significant help on that journey.”

— Scott Jones, Resident Bishop, Kansas Episcopal Area