9. Reflections on All Saints Day

Kathy Leithner serves as a United Methodist pastor in Oklahoma.  Years ago, we attended preaching classes together at Perkins School of Theology, and our paths have crossed here and there, now and then, since that time.  Sheís an excellent writer, and with the connections made possible by the internet, I enjoy her meditations, and would like to share her All Saints note with a wider audience.

Grace and peace,

Distilled Sunlight
At last the colors begin to burn in the trees, with leaves like sparks and licks of flame. It is as if in the cool air and deepening nights, the mums and trees retain the summerís heat and distill the sunlight, glowing with inner fire.

At the same time, we are remembering saints, those ordinary souls who were touched by extraordinary grace that burned within them. We could see in their eyes the spark and glow of that inner fire, gift of the Sonís light. How beautiful their spirits! How thankful we are for their witness!

It is often difficult to let them go, but every year the trees bear witness to the gospel truth that this dying is a prelude to glorious resurrection. They teach us to trust, releasing each leafy ember to the wind and the earth.

with gratitude and anticipation,
Kathy Leithner

Running Streams, October 31, 2007, Kathleen J. Leithner