6. What Are You Reading These Days?

A question that several of my friends and colleagues frequently ask each other is, ìWhat are you reading these days?î  I always enjoy hearing about what books people I respect are reading, and many times their recent favorites become my ìread sometime soonî list.

As part of the FivePractices.org website, weíve decided to ask a number of United Methodist leaders to share their book lists. Check out The Bookshelf with a click on the tools section to the left of this page, and youíll find the recent favorite books of people like Bishop Palmer of the Iowa Conference and Karen Greenwaldt, General Secretary of the General Board of Discipleship.  Iíve added my own list, and so has Myron McCoy, President of St. Paul School of Theology and Jim Winkler, General Secretary of the Board of Church and Society.  Bishop Sally Dyck of the Minnesota Conference has provided her list, along with some great commentary and recommendations. Youíll find Lovett Weems of the Lewis Leadership Center there, also, and Greg Jones, Dean of Duke Divinity School.

I hope you will have a look at these reading lists.  I find is wonderfully informative and instructive, (and just plain interesting!) to see the reading patterns of many of our denominations leaders.  One of the great surprises to me was that those who have responded have found the exercise so fun and interesting.

What are you reading these days?   How would you answer the five questions I put to these friends?  From whom are you learning?  Who is learning from you?

If you have suggestions for other people you would like me to feature in the Bookshelf, please let me know.  Iíd like to ask one or two new people a week about what they are reading.

Wesley reportedly wrote, ìA reading Christian is a knowing Christian.î   I agree.  Nothing is more cool to me than to hear about our clergy and laity expanding their minds and hearts and souls through reading!  Intentional Faith Development starts with a book in the hand, the sharing of a thought, the stimulation of the soul, and the desire to grow in grace and in the knowledge and love of God.